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...6 months later...

I'm so very sorry about the huge gap. School and sporting commitments (that I didn't think would happen) just took all the time out of me!

Behold below are a batch of icons that were done aaaaaaaaages ago and I just havent had the time till now to post them. I personally think they are hideous and some of them (the fleur one especially) leave a lot to be desired. But that is up to you i guess!


ETA: i have just gone through all my old files and have found even more icons that i forgot 2 post!
my bad.

COMMENT i love 2 hear what every1 has 2 say about them, good or bad
CREDIT! if you dont know how to click >>>HERE<<< (thank you merky)
NO HOTLINKING!!! hotlink and you die. i have very powerful connections in the icon world >:(
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